Hipster Ipsum

by Christopher Paul on September 17, 2011

Need a new way to generate Lorem Ipsum? Check out Unplggd’s comprehensive list of random text generators. I’ve mentioned Bacon Ipsum before but my new favorite is Hipster Ipsum, or as I’m calling it, Hipsum.

Like Bacon Ipsum, you have some options to choose from (with or without Latin, for example) and the text it generates is full of Hipster. Here’s the first paragraph without the Latin:

“Mcsweeney’s williamsburg skateboard seitan brooklyn, wolf PBR four loko lomo tattooed 8-bit helvetica beard. Artisan DIY thundercats iphone, chambray cred shoreditch 8-bit pitchfork helvetica bicycle rights freegan skateboard irony banh mi. Photo booth hoodie messenger bag next level. Blog cred trust fund marfa farm-to-table. Etsy master cleanse you probably haven’t heard of them tattooed, mlkshk single-origin coffee echo park locavore biodiesel aesthetic banksy mcsweeney’s fixie squid fanny pack. Brunch messenger bag sustainable, tumblr echo park farm-to-table whatever beard trust fund 8-bit banksy gluten-free. Fanny pack VHS wayfarers, hoodie master cleanse helvetica farm-to-table ethical pitchfork mcsweeney’s irony etsy craft beer tofu.”

Check out Unplggd’s full list for some more generators like Vegan Ipsum.

Hipster Ipsum via Unplggd

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