Reed Hastings: Grandmaster Chess Player, CEO

by Christopher Paul on September 19, 2011

Like many others, I reacted somewhat skeptically to the news that Netflix was splitting it’s DVD and streaming services into Qwikster and Netflix. But after reading a few rebuttals – but particularly these from Dan Frommer and Jonathan Poritsky – I now think Reed Hastings just might be one hell of a chess player.

I especially like Poritsky’s words:

“It’s clear from the timing of these events that this plan had already been prepared. Instead of stepping backwards and changing the pricing structure again, Hastings pushed the company forward, drastically. Netflix doesn’t want consumers to associate its name with plastic discs anymore. The original announcement said as much, but consumers didn’t understand the message. Now they do.

I don’t know much about the internals of the company, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Hastings wanted to spin their disc-by-mail service off all long. Perhaps that’s why he was relatively hands off as the September 1 transition loomed; “Plan A” was a compromise, but the Qwikster plan was always what was going to work.”

Sacrifice the Rook to save the Queen.

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