It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

by Christopher Paul on September 30, 2011

Yes, it’s that time of the year. That magical time of the year where the air cools, the leaves begin to change colors, the harvest celebrations begin, apple & pumpkin picking, and… MLB Playoffs!

This year, the Yankees are in it again (no surprise, really). After Boston’s historic last minute meltdown, the Yanks are up against the Tigers. Although (as I type) Game 1 has been rained out, I’m excited to watch my team make their way to another year for the record books.

So how are good are their chances?

Well, as a fan… I think they can take home another set of rings. But my favorite (and only) sports blog that I read has their picks and, if they have any insight into things, the Yankees have a shot at making it to the next round. Only one out of their six writers things the Tigers will beat them. Sure, most of them have the series going all the way to Game 5 but, hey, wins are wins.

I wish I had the skill and knowledge to give my own thoughts (other than the biased kind) on who will win in what number of games. But I do enjoy the analysis done by the people who write for American McCarver and you should check out their predictions if you’re team is in the running…

Unless you’re a Cardinals fan.

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