October 14: Steve Jobs Day

by Christopher Paul on October 2, 2011

Steve Jobs

Since Steve Jobs announced his departure as CEO of Apple, there’s been a lot of people thanking him for his vision, passion, and products that changed the course of our world as we know it. And someone has decided that October 14, 2011 will be Steve Jobs day.

I do hate things like this for a guy who, from what everyone speculates, is still struggling with cancer or the after effects of his liver transplant. But I do feel he should be recognized as one of the greatest CEOs and industrialists of our time – just not yet. I hope that he has many more successful years at Apple and hope this list of achievements everyone is thanking him for grows longer and longer.

But if you’re itching to honor the man who revolutionized the way we consume entertainment, ushered in the very definition of smartphones with the launch of the iPhone, and altered the computer landscape with the iPad, October 14th is the day.

Steve Jobs Day via David Pogue

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