Stephen M. Hackett’s Predictions for Apple’s iPhone Event

by Christopher Paul on October 2, 2011

Stephen M. Hackett’s writes his predictions for Apple’s iPhone Event:

My Official Prediction for Apple’s iPhone Event:

  • Apple will release something new that will be pretty good.
  • People will be disappointed, thanks to the insane rumor mill.
  • I will mark “All as read” in Google Reader and order a new phone.

I agree with the first two. I’ll also be marking “All as read” in my Reeder for Mac/iPhone/iPad (yes, I own all three). Sadly, though, I won’t be upgrading to the latest version – whatever it’s called – unless the iPhone 4 I currently own takes a bath (dirt, concrete, water, or otherwise). Not because I don’t want one or the phone won’t be worth it but because I’d have to order one for Mrs. ‘So It’s Come To This’ and Little ‘This’, too, and that’s a lot of scratch all at once.

(Via 512 Pixels)

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