The History of Soccer, er, Football

by Christopher Paul on October 19, 2011

So it turns out, soccer is a rather old game. One historian thinks the game started around the late 1400’s.

“He discovered a manuscript of accounts from King James IV of Scotland that showed he paid two shillings for a bag of ‘fut ballis’ on 11 April, 1497. More evidence came with we came across several diary accounts of football being played in places like Stirling Castle, Edzell Castle and Carlisle Castle. The games were played on pitches smaller than the current regular football field, and featured between 10 and 20 men on each side.”

According to the article, the rules weren’t formally established until 1848 but the earliest known (or believed) soccer ball dates back to 1540.

Football was being played in medieval Scotland, research reveals – Medievalists via Kottke

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