The Minds Of Octopuses

by Christopher Paul on October 29, 2011

Fascinating article on the intelligence of octopuses. Apparently, they play with toys, recognize individuals, learn how to open child-proof bottles, and move objects around in order to feel safe. They act like a pet dog:

“Upon seeing Menashi, Athena reached up gently and grasped his hands and arms. She flipped upside down, and he placed a capelin in some of the suckers near her mouth, at the center of her arms. The fish vanished. After she had eaten, Athena floated in the tank upside down, like a puppy asking for a belly rub. Her arms twisted lazily. I took one in my hand to feel the suckers—did that arm know it had hold of a different person than the other arms did? Her grip felt calm, relaxed. With me, earlier, she seemed playful, exploratory, excited. The way she held Menashi with her suckers seemed to me like the way a long-married couple holds hands at the movies.”

Inside the mind of the octopus – Orion Magazine via Give Me Something Good To Read

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