Damn, Nature, You Scary! Mind Controlling Fungus Edition

by Christopher Paul on October 30, 2011

Of all the crazy things we need to worry about, we have to add zombies to the list. No joke.

Toxoplasma gondii – a fungus invades the mind of its host and makes it do weird things. Flies let themselves freeze to death, rats become attracted to cats, crickets – normally afraid of light – become attracted to it and take a suicide plunge into water. Scientists even think that humans can be affected by mind altering parasites.

“”Studies have looked at accidents — individuals in automobile accidents, both actually drivers and pedestrians — and they have increased rates of Toxoplasma as well,” says Bob Yolken, chair of Pediatric Neurovirology at Johns Hopkins medical school.

The link is nowhere near conclusive, but still, Moore says it’s enough to make you think.”

Yeah… it makes me think I need to start playing zombie killing first person shooter games.

Invasion Of The Mind-Controlling Zombie Parasites – NPR

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