Tomorrow is Internet Censorship Day!

by Christopher Paul on November 15, 2011

Tomorrow is Internet Censorship Day where people who believe in free speech online highlight the dangers the PROTECT IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act introduce to the Constitution and our free market – especially in entrepreneurial Silicon Valley.

Brad Feld has a collection of links in his post where people can read up on PROTECT IP and SOPA and what effect it will have on our technology, innovation, economy, and the internet as we’ve known it for almost 18 years.

If you search, there are tools and plugins to censor your blog’s logo in show of support. Everyone – bloggers, Tumblrs, people who use Twitter and Facebook – are subject to regulation & censorship this way. Be afraid of these bills.

And re-watch this video I posted last month on how the PROTECT IP bill will break the Internet.

Feld’s Thoughts

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