Mixel And Facebook

by Christopher Paul on November 16, 2011

If you search on Mixel on some of the “Web 2.0” sites out there you’d think it’s the next best thing in creative sharing. But I wouldn’t know because the only way you can use it, is to sign in with your Facebook account.

Given Facebook’s horrible track record on customer care, privacy, and user feedback, I’m loathe to use a service who’s user base is only based on their network. What if I want to Tweet it?

I get why some companies might want to only use OAuth or whatever the technical protocol is for signing in to Twitter and Facebook to get users to sign up. They might think it’s a lower barrier to entry. But I see it as the opposite. I see it as one more app I have to manage in Facebook’s privacy settings. Ditto for Twitter.

I downloaded Mixel to see what the fuss was about only to be met with the “Sign in to Facebook” as my only option to use the app.


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