This Is How You Do Advertising

by Christopher Paul on November 17, 2011

Horace Dedieu from Asymco wrote a sponsored post for Textastic and nails both the content and the advertising. He often talks about disruptive technology and it’s no surprise he acts disruptive when funding his great site.

Sponsored posts aren’t new. But looking around, you see most people just put a disclaimer at the start of the content informing the reader of the company and what their advertising. Sometimes you simply see the product in the title; other times, you’ll see the word ‘sponsor’ there too.

Usually, when I see a sponsored post, I pass over it as its often not relevant to my interests. Buy Dedieu got me hooked from the start. In addition to being open with the sponsorship, he tells me who the sponsor is in the title – nothing new. Buy he then gives me a relevant reason why I should read on.

But the best part of the ad is that he doesn’t get into the ‘ad’ part until the fifth paragraph and after he’s spent a good amount of space talking about something interesting and historically relevant. I actually forgot the post was sponsored by the time I got to the product ad part. If I hadn’t already owned Textastic, I would have bought it out of support for Asymco and the sponsors because it sounded like I could get real value from its disruptive capabilities.

I think it’s worth a read and Textastic is certainly worth the money; I recommend it too… and this is not a sponsored post.

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