I’m Starting To Feel Bad For RIM

by Christopher Paul on December 3, 2011

From NY Times:

“The police say that drunken unruliness by two executives of the BlackBerry maker Research in Motion forced the diversion and delay of a Toronto-to-Beijing flight on Monday. The two pleaded guilty to a criminal count of mischief and were suspended from their positions pending an investigation.”

Some are claiming these employees of RIM were tired, stressed, or whatnot. That could be true but nowhere in the NY Times article does it say that. In fact, other than alcohol, no one knows why they argued. Still, there is no reason to doubt that RIM and their executives are stressed either. They just wrote off a lot of money on the PlayBook, their phones are getting trashed by the tech community, and the iOS/Android community are beginning to replace the once king of mobile devices.

I’m starting to feel bad for RIM’s employees. It seems as if they are the only casualties in their poor management.

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