Sick Of It

by Christopher Paul on December 6, 2011

I want this to be a quick rant. Let’s hope it stays that way.

I’ve been catching up on my Apple feeds today after being away for a day or two due to work and being sick. And what I’m reading is making feel more ill than my cold. Everything is Android this, iOS that. RIM this, Microsoft that. Most of it goes like this:

Google is a hypocrite for promoting “open” but disabling it’s NFC payment system for Verizon.

Apple is a hypocrite for promoting “open” yet keeping it’s app, music, and book stores closed – walled gardens.

RIM is foolish, stupid, and poorly executing; they’re dead and put everything behind Adobe Flash – also dead.

Microsoft is dead.

Nokia is also dead even though they are still the number one phone maker in the world.

The reason I’m ranting is that there is a lot of negativity in the articles I’m reading. Microsoft zealots are jumping at any chance to ‘get’ at Apple. Apple keeps rubbing the struggles of Android (not that they’re struggling but dealing with fragmentation issues, conflicting strategies, etc) and boasting about the dollars earned per user, etc. Google people firmly believe “open” access to code is the bible of openness and mock Apple and others because they can do things on their devices that Apple won’t allow.

Each side highlighting security flaws, anti-trust complaints, class action lawsuits, and more are being slung back and forth.


If you’re going to report on the differences in devices, marketplaces, market share, and strategy… do it with dignity. Do it with knowledge and objectivity. Don’t get snarky.

I’m deliberately not linking to the flame war posts but if pressed I can cite them. Some one the biggest evangelists from each platform are guilty of it so it’s not hard to find.

I want the best user experience. So does everyone else regardless of the preferred platform. Why must we snap at one another for liking something else.

Debate different.

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