The Eddys

by Christopher Paul on December 7, 2011

Perhaps of the most famous awards for Apple fans, the Macworld Editor’s Choice Awards is out for 2011. Lots of sites I read have linked to it and for good reason, there’s a lot of great stuff (both hardware and software) there.

The thing that caught my eye, though, was the Pegasus R6. Give me one of these and stick it into a Mac Mini Server and I’d be in Apple Fanboi heaven. At $2000 it’s not cheap. But 5 years ago, I recall ordering and setting up a 4TB rack enclosure for a data modeling database at a previous job and spent nearly $20,000 for it. Granted, the hard drives were 10,000 RPM RAID 5 high scalability and for mission critical applications, but still. One tenth the cost in 5 years. Amazing.

If anyone wants to get me a Mac Mini Server and a Pegasus R6 for the holidays this year, I won’t stop you.

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