Brooklyn Heights Townhouse a Secret MTA Subway Exit

by Christopher Paul on December 22, 2011

From Curbed NY via Kottke:

According to Curbed NY, a townhouse in Brooklyn Heights is actually fake and the façade is actually a secret subway exit for the MTA. There is some compelling photos linked in the post. From their source:

“It could only be on three streets. I nailed it halfway up the first one I checked. Red house, black windows, looks like no one at all lives there. It reminds me of the automated parking garage in Hoboken that is supposed to blend into the neighborhood look/feel but doesn’t quite cross the Uncanny Valley.”

I don’t know why the MTA spent money on this given their service reductions but this is one of those neat things that become legend 50 or 100 years from now… just like the secret rail lines FDR used.

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