Addiction Incorporated

by Christopher Paul on December 27, 2011

From Addiction Incorporated via Apple Trailers:

I stumbled across this documentary while looking up movie times from Apple’s Trailers site. It’s about the tobacco industry and the whistleblower who exposed their secrets. From the New York Time Review:

“Hired by Philip Morris in 1980 to test nicotine alternatives for a more heart-healthy cigarette, Dr. DeNoble, armed with his Ph.D. in experimental psychology, quickly discovered just how addictive the chemical could be. When his test rats couldn’t get through their day without an ever-increasing number of nicotine hits — topping out at an astonishing 90 puff equivalents a day — Dr. DeNoble and his employers were equally shocked, though their reactions to the findings were very different.”

This leads to a rather serious look at the industry’s tactics and, if it weren’t for the narrator/whistleblower, it would be a grim discussion. His actions led to the regulation of tobacco.

It’s probably obvious to say this will be a biased film but it should still be worth watching. If you’re in the city, you can buy tickets here.

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