U2’s Achtung Baby All Grown Up, Emo

by Christopher Paul on December 27, 2011

From The Awl:

I’ve never been a U2 fan. I don’t dislike their music but they became famous before started listening to the radio. So when “Achtung Baby” came out in 1991, I didn’t even know.

But for the U2 fans, Elmo Keep has a decently lengthy article on U2’s songs and albums. She highlights something I’ve only heard once before (perhaps by my wife who is a U2 fan) that their songs are rather dark in a sadomasochistic way. I’m reminded of The Police since their music also seemed dark yet “pop” like.

And as Keep points out, U2 has turned into the band they seemed to be against when they first started. Old, stodgy, and not in tune with the world. Although their tours seem as popular (or huge money makers) as ever, what they produce today isn’t nearly as good as it used to.

The same could be said for many of the bands I listened to at that time. I’m a little ashamed to admit I listened to them. Not because they produced bad music. But because they made great music – with it’s own flavor of rebellion and emotion – that went down hill as the members aged only to be exposed as grumpy old men who couldn’t get with the times.

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