Twitter Is A Mess

by Christopher Paul on December 31, 2011

From Dave Winer:

I enjoy Twitter’s 140 character limit. It forces brevity and concise composure; thoughts are more poignant. But I do wish URLs were not counted towards that limit. There is other data included in every tweet that doesn’t count towards the 140 limit. URLs should be no different. Dave Winer makes the point:

“People worry about SOPA, but you should also worry about the house-of-cards we’ve built around Twitter. We seriously need to simplify things. The people at Twitter need to hear this. A simple change in their software, that moves the link out of the 140 characters would completely obviate the need for shorteners, and allow us to remove a whole level of brittleness in the infrastructure.”

I think Twitter is much better a service than Facebook – for its versatility and simplicity. But, Dave is right. Their infrastructure is still shit1 and with all the money they’re taking in, you’d think they’d be able to get this right.

I don’t mind URL shorteners at all, though. In fact, I’m actually glad this need came about. But I’ve also complained about the slowness with redirection especially as you move from to to the actual website (and that’s assuming there isn’t a redirection on the content server somewhere).

Twitter is a mess. But I love it.

1I’m not a programmer, network engineer, or anything technical (other than building PCs and some simple hacking, and some HTML, PHP, and CSS work) so I couldn’t do their job… I just expect them to do theirs.

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