Whiplash Outsources Warehousing, Order Fulfillment, And Shipping Logistics

by Christopher Paul on January 2, 2012

From Swiss Miss:

The the limit of what the Internet can offer seems to be limitless. Digital distribution has certainly altered the entertainment industries like music, movies, and books. Kickstarter has changed the way we look at fundraising. The middleman is slowly being removed from whole industries and replaced by do-it-yourself style control at a greatly reduced cost.

But with physical markets, there are still logistics to consider. Shipping, storing, of your goods in a warehouse is sometimes a necessary part of doing business but one that adds costly overhead. Moreover, if you’re a small store – but still need a large backbone to support your growth – you need something that scales with you without commitment or large upfront costs.

Enter Whiplash.

They offer warehousing and shipping services complete with order status updates, shipment tracking, returns, and integration into existing e-commerce systems. You can go from an idea without funding to a fully funded project on Kickstarter to order fulfillment of backers’ pledges, to a post funding online store in a matter of days.

Read that again… Days.

Their system also lets merchants set up rewards systems and offer photography and web design services on a T&M basis. They charge a rental fee for the shelving and add a processing fee on top of the postage and packaging costs. Those expenses might not be for everyone but if you factor your own time’s value, it might work out.

I have no experience with them. I only read about them through Swiss Miss who was sponsored by Whiplash. But the concept stuck out as being something I’ve not seen out of the internet before. Even with all the Kickstarter projects I’ve reviewed and funded, I never thought about the operations behind it all. This helps outsource all that so you can focus on your core talents and offerings.

It seems even physical distribution of non-digital goods can be disrupted by the internet. I can’t wait to see what it comes up with next.

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