Rebooting My Tumblr

by Christopher Paul on January 8, 2012

In my never-ending indecision about my blogging/writing/curation/publishing style, I’ve decided to reboot my Tumblr as a photo-blog.

I don’t really use Tumblr for anything but re-blogging what others on Tumblr have already posted; anything I find interesting enough, I write about here. If there is something on Tumblr I find interesting or something I want to come back to, instead of re-blogging it, I’ll just click the ‘Like’ button.

I’ve decided I want to keep this site clean and text only. I won’t delete any existing photos or videos (which I’ll probably still embed) but any photos I take for my 365 projects or to share on the interwebs won’t be posted here. In the end, I found the re-blogging feature of Tumblr the most useful but the most annoying thing about it because it captured too much of someone else’s commentary in the reblog. It wasn’t clean or organized – or not what I wanted.

Not sure if I’ll rename the Tumblr to something obviously about photos but time will tell.

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