SOPA Becoming ‘Toxic’ As Pressure Mounts

by Christopher Paul on January 11, 2012

Mike Masnick on the idea SOPA/PIPA might get reintroduced without DNS blocking in an effort to increase support or decrease opposition to the bills:

The takeaway here: the growing momentum against these bills is having a big, big impact in DC, and it’s forced the bills’ main backers to go back to the well to see if they can find at least something to compromise on. Taking out the DNS stuff will piss off Hollywood… no doubt, but it hardly solves many of the bigger problems in the bill. Don’t be fooled. No one’s fixing the bill (hell, it’s not clear there’s anything that will fix this bill, because no one’s shown why this particular bill is needed!). They’re simply taking out one provision that is especially bad… while leaving in a ton of other stuff.

Maybe they’ll just rename it.

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