by Christopher Paul on January 13, 2012

Mike Masnick in response to the RIAA complaining the deck is stacked against them on CES discussion panels:

…who the hell does the RIAA think it’s kidding? “The deck is stacked”? At a trade show? How about back in Washington DC where this bill was written? In that case, the MPAA/RIAA folks were very, very active in the very creation of the bills in question. The tech sector? NOT ALLOWED at the table. The Judiciary Committee hearings? Stacked five-to-one in favor of the bill, and the “one” against the bill was Google — who is Congress’ punching bag, and was put there so that Congressional reps could grandstand against the company and pretend that only “evil Google” is against the bill. Plenty of us involved in the actual innovation economy — the startup entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who create all this innovation offered to step up and meet about these bills — and we were denied.

Is this irony or what? Whatever it is, it’s certainly hypocritical.

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