The Syllabi

by Christopher Paul on January 17, 2012

I’ve almost given up on TV and movies for entertainment. They’ve been replaced with curated reading from dozens of sources. I’ve mentioned Longreads and Give Me Something Good To Read before as being great places to find articles longer than a blog post – more like an in depth magazine article. Instead of just reading a small summary of the news, these longer form articles help me understand the news or, more often than not, they give me insight on something not covered in the mainstream media.

Today, the people who tweet for Give Me Something Good To Read mentioned The Syllabi, another curation site which takes of the entire subject and not just one topic. In each post, the curator, Richard Dunlop-Walters, links to an article but also to several others to give a broad perspective on something. I’ve already sent half a dozen articles to Instapaper for my commutes to and from work. I’m sure I’ll be posting a few articles here as a result.

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