If Ben Brooks Were CEO Of RIM

by Christopher Paul on January 23, 2012

Funneling his inner Jobs, Ben Brooks defines what he would do if he were RIM’s new CEO:

  1. Call a meeting of all top executives.
  2. Pull my iPhone 4S out and rest it gently on the table in front of me.
  3. Wait for dramatic effect.
  4. Fire anyone not patient enough to wait for me to speak first.
  5. Tell everyone left in the room that they have 3 months to bring me a working prototype that makes me want to use it over my iPhone. (While gesturing towards my iPhone already placed on the table.)
  6. Fire anyone that asks “How?”
  7. With everyone gone, hire a new executive team.

That’s a start. But they will never get anywhere unless the board is replaced. As much as people want to pin RIM’s troubles on the former CEOs, the fact remains is the board let the firm be run into the ground by two people, approved an insider who joined when the its troubles began, and will not turn around if the former CEOs are a part of this dysfunctional board.

RIM’s new CEO should do what Jobs did when he returned to Apple. Yes, it was a gamble but Apple wasn’t in a position to keep things running the way they were. RIM is in the same situation as Apple was 15 years ago and without an agreeable board that is different from the old guard, there will be no comeback.

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