Tim Cook on iCloud

by Christopher Paul on January 25, 2012

John Gruber highlighted this quote from Apple CEO, Tim Cook, on iCloud:

I think Peter shared earlier the number of customers that had signed up for iCloud, and it’s already over 85 million, so it’s incredible that this has happened in just a few months’ period of time. We’re thrilled with it, and the response from customers has been incredible. It’s solved a lot of problems that customers were having and made their lives much much easier…. It was a fundamental shift recognizing that people had numerous devices and they wanted the bulk of their content in the cloud and easily accessible from all of their devices, and you know, I think we’re seeing the response from that. With 85 million customers in just three months, it is a very very important part — it’s not just a product, it’s a strategy for the next decade.

Contrast that growth to Google+’s. Contrast that to how those two companies respond and describe their products: Apple talking about solving problems and adding value, to their users vs a pure number growth game.

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