Built To Last

by Christopher Paul on January 26, 2012

A commenter, mangochutney, on Macgasm talking about the new employee discounts available to those who work 90 days with the company:

“I’ve heard and experienced that Apple devices have a longer lifes — in terms of how long they can be used productively — than devices from other companies.

Apple seems to think that their devices should have an effective life of at least three years.”

I have a Late 2008 unibody MacBook Pro. It’s been running smoothly since I got it in February of 2009. That’s three years. I’ve upgraded from 4GB of RAM to 8GB but nothing else. While I would love to get a MacBook Air, I can’t justify it because what I have now is still unbelievably perfect.

Every Mac I’ve owned has lasted more than three years. My wife’s G3 was bought in 2002; she kept that until 2005 and gave it to her sister and lasted another two years (at least?). Her 2005 iMac is still going strong but we donated that to a local school. Her 2010 iMac will probably last her until 2015. Mac Mini – the first Intel ones – running smoothly at my 90 year old grandmother’s house. She credits the Mac with getting her to Skype and email more. Yes, my grandmother Skypes.

Everyone thinks Apple’s are over priced but I don’t. I might pay more but it lasts and lasts.

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