Blame Apple & Users for Labor Woes (But No One Else)

by Christopher Paul on January 26, 2012

From the NY Times:

This is a long article and I only got to a few paragraphs (but I sent it to Instapaper to complete later). But after a quick read, I got a little upset at the reporting. I think others have said this before but I want to offer my thoughts on this article.

But I can sum it up as follows:

  1. Start with heart wrenching story
  2. Suggest Apple could have prevented everything
  3. Talk to advocacy groups on how bad this is
  4. Allege that Apple doesn’t care
  5. Write lots of words on Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct (which, you know, shows they care and are taking action)
  6. Conveniently ignore they are the only ones doing this.
  7. Go back to faulting Apple for the woes of the workers
  8. Call out Apple for having high standards
  9. More heart wrenching stories – have to tug those strings
  10. More Apple faults for being secret
  11. End with placing the ultimate blame on the consumers for loving iPhones and Apple for daring to make them

Classic “balanced reporting” to not seem biased but still skew a popular figure (Apple) in a light that creates controversy to get links. I almost didn’t want to link to the article.

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