Where’s My Cut?

by Christopher Paul on February 5, 2012

From the NY Times via Jeff Jarvis:

Nick Bilton says Facebook owes him money for using their site:

“I helped build this thing, too. Facebook laid the foundation of the house and put in the plumbing, but we put up the walls, picked out the furniture, painted and hung photos, and invited everyone over for dinner parties.”

I use Facebook, too, and they don’t owe me a thing. I get more than $50 out of the deal. The deal is Facebook offers me a service – a service I enjoy by connecting and interacting with people I’ve known or meet over great distances – at no monetary cost to me. All they ask is I get served ads – which I block anyway.

What happens when I stop using Facebook? Are they going go after me and say I owe them something because they built this framework?

What world does Bilton live in? Oh yeah… the same group of industries which can’t seem to adjust to the digital age and go after Google for linking to their sites and driving readers and page views their way.

I don’t know he’s just panhandling, has an entitlement issue, or if he doesn’t understand the value proposition here.

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