Could Apple’s iTV Be A Set Top Box?

by Christopher Paul on February 7, 2012

Could Apple’s next TV product be a set top box replacement?

“There’s even the possibility that Apple could bring the same subsidy model that exists in the mobile space to TV operators. To a certain extent, carriers already subsidize TV hardware, by making set-top boxes available to customers. Assuming an Apple TV product would enable those carriers to deliver cloud- and IP-based programming guides, it could act as a set-top box replacement. Whatever money was being put toward that hardware could be committed to reducing the cost of an Apple iTV purchased by subscribers.”

I really wonder if that would work. I certainly would love to replace the set top box FiOS gives me for something more “Apple-like”. And the model could be a great source of revenue for Apple. Imagine setting up a two year product cycle where the operators or customers buy new TV hardware like they do with the iPhone. But I don’t know if I’d want to invest in new TV hardware that often when I want to get away from watching TV (and stream it online or over my iPad).

Still, as Lawler mentions, it would be a fast and relatively painless way to get content get users buying more Apple gear.

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