Path Address Book Access Should Not Be A Surprise

by Christopher Paul on February 8, 2012

Today news broke that Path, the recently relaunched social networking app for iOS, was “caught” uploading users’ entire address book to their servers without user permission. The reaction has been universally panned. Everyone is saying it’s not cool.

No one should be surprised, though. This is a non-controversy if you ask me. I knew my address book was being uploaded. I knew it the moment Path sent me a notification saying someone I knew joined the service. The only way they could know they joined and they were a friend was if they had that information on the server.

And while I certainly would have liked to be asked to upload my contact data, I knew it was happening within a day or so of using the app and I continued to use it. Moreover, I didn’t make a stink when I figured out what they were doing.

Unless Path only matched new users in my address book for me, no one should be surprised.

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