Thoughts on Mountain Lion

by Christopher Paul on February 16, 2012

The Loop has a fantastic look at the next version of OS X: Mountain Lion.

Earlier, I tweeted how I’m excited for this next release. With more iCloud support, Notifications, and an alignment of iOS and OS X apps for seamless integration and consistency across both platforms.

After looking at the screenshots Apple provided and reading about the upcoming release, its very clear that Apple is steering their two operating systems into one ecosystem that will be called their “platform” in the next two or three years. iOS and OS X might not ever be the same build – that’s extremely unlikely. But the experience of the two will be the same (or as similar as you can get) so that a person doesn’t use an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Air. That person will be, simply, a user of the Apple experience.

Guys like John Gruber, Ben Brooks, MG Sigler, and others have already said Apple doesn’t just sell products, they sell experiences and, while true, it always felt the experiences of the iPhone and my MacBook Pro were different. Now, it seems, as if they’ll be the same in a few years.

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