Insanely Simple

by Christopher Paul on February 16, 2012

From Ken Segall via Daring Fireball:

Ken Segall has a book coming out where he talks about how Apple’s devotion to simplicity is an example to any company or person looking to set themselves apart.

“To Steve Jobs, Simplicity was a religion. But it was also a weapon — one that he used to humble competitors once thought to be invincible.

Apple’s devotion to Simplicity is the one constant that can be traced from the first Apple II computer all the way to today’s iPad. Though the company’s success is built upon engineering and design skills, it’s the love of Simplicity that truly powers Apple, revolution after revolution.

Technically, this is a business book. The idea is that in a complicated world, nothing stands out like Simplicity. If you better understand how Apple’s obsession has driven its success, you can adopt the same principles to boost your own organization — or your own career.”

If I ever finish the Steve Jobs biography, I’ll read this right after it.

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