How to Fix Yourself

by Christopher Paul on March 10, 2012

From Buzzfeed via Glenn Fleishman:

An anonymous PR person wrote a letter on how to fix PR. But, really, this applies to almost any profession, industry, or trade. It should be a recipe for anything you try to do. Here are the important bits as it relates to PR:

“Here’s your answer: you don’t make enough effort to be liked. You don’t read enough. You don’t know enough. You don’t try.

If you want PR to be a respected tradition, stop jacking off on PR blogs about ‘best practices’ and do something more than make yourself feel smart. If you’re pitching, email eight people a day and spend the rest of it reading. Read Technology Review. Read The Economist. Read Monocle. Read a book that isn’t about your work. Read some poetry. Read something that will open your mind further than the little world of startup bloggers and people tweeting about SXSW.

Become a person. Be as funny and interesting as the journalists you’re pitching. Otherwise you’re just another number.”

I don’t know much about PR or journalism but, as a rule of thumb for any career, if you fake it you’ll never make it. You’ll never get the respect, the experience, or the opportunities to do something meaningful or valued. I’d say this person’s recommendations for Tech PR should be anyone’s recommendations on life.

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