One Thought on Comments

by Christopher Paul on March 11, 2012

I just created an account at The Verge and I’m already regretting it. The Verge, from what I have seen since it launched, is a great site. It has great writers, and covers good range of topics; if I didn’t already get a lot of their content from curators on Twitter, DF, The Brooks Review, and The Loop, I might have been compelled to add it to my RSS feeds.

But something about creating the account rubbed me the wrong way: it was the information they wanted when signing up. They asked for my name and zip code.

Why do they need that information?

I get that there are marketing reasons for this. I understand why they would want to reduce the number of trolls that comment. But there are ways to do that without making feel like I just sold my data to an ad company. And there’s no way to delete your account. I had to make my zip code ‘00000’ and that’s just stupid.

It makes me rethink commenting in the first place. Even though no one comments on this site, I’ve always kept them available just in case. Now, I think I’m leaning towards disabling them; I don’t want anyone to think they need to ‘sign up’ to comment or feel compelled to leave even their email address to reply.

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