Magic: The Gathering Still Played

by Christopher Paul on March 12, 2012

From The Awl:

I admit it. I play MtG when I was younger. I was into the strategy and the card collecting. But I gave it up and it grew out of favor. But it’s still played and mini-tournaments are held every Monday at the Citigroup Center.

There, in the plaza’s atrium, you’ll find about three to five dozen players, most of them guys, their ages usually between 20 and 40. This complex is a generic type of space, as close to an indoor suburban mall as you’ll find in Manhattan. A Terry May Concept Flowers and a 24 Hour Fitness Derek Jeter Signature Club overlook the atrium. Other people sharing the area use the free WiFi, take Kaplan prep tests, play speed chess, or talk intently on their iPhones, but the members of the loosely affiliated group focus on the expensive, colorful pieces of cardboard that lie in varying orientations in front of them. Brows are furrowed intently as the players process their thoughts: Is it smart to flashback Lingering Souls now? Or better to wait? A few observers stand, bouncing nervously from foot to foot, then table to table, between matches. Right here, right now, Magic is back.

I’m tempted to watch. Hell, I’d be tempted to join if I still had cards.

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