From NPR via Boing Boing:

Farmers, after buying genetically modified seeds from Monsanto, which are resistant to the company’s herbicide RoundUp, they now have to deal with weeds resistant to the very product designed to kill them:

Considering how hard it had been to create those crops, “the thinking was, it would be really difficult for weeds to become tolerant” to Roundup, says Rick Cole, who is now responsible for Monsanto’s efforts to deal with the problem of resistant weeds. Cole went to work at Monsanto in 1996, the same year that the first Roundup Ready crops went on the market.

So how did the company’s experts react when weeds began to prove them wrong? “The reaction was, ‘What is really going on here?’ ” says Cole. Monsanto began a “massive effort” to figure out how the weeds withstand glyphosate. Some weeds, Cole says, appear to keep glyphosate from entering the plant at all; others sequester the herbicide in a spot where it can’t do much damage. Monsanto’s genetically engineered crops use a different technique entirely.

So we get potentially cancerous chemicals in our food, farmers were forced to buy seeds and herbicide from Mansanto, and now they have to deal with the weeds who destroy crop yields?

How did they not see this coming?


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