If Only I Could Be So Disappointed All The Time

by Christopher Paul on March 21, 2012

Yet again, the press is saying the latest Apple products are a disappointment. After-all, if you take away the 3.1m extra pixels (double the screen resolution in both directions is not a double of pixels), better rear camera (5MP), Bluetooth 4.0, LTE, more RAM, better CPU (which dedicated GPU cores), larger battery, with only a nominal impact on weight, size, and battery life, you’ve got an iPad 2. (Sigh.)

The Apple TV is also a let down. Take away the additional RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, and additional RAM, it looks and behaves the same – just like the last Apple TV except that the new one can do true 1080p HD. Ditto for the iPhone 4S. Sure, it has an 8MP camera, better CPU, Siri, same or better battery life, and a few other tweaks, it’s the same device as the one that preceded it, right?

And at each time – even going back to the iPhone 3G and 3GS – lots of people said it wasn’t worth the upgrade. Save your money, they said, the slight bump in spec wasn’t worth the investment. They predicted sales would taper off or decline – that the new device would reverse the trend of increasing sales.

And yet, the iPad 3 (or 2012) is setting records left and right. The iPhone 4S is outselling other models and the profits from the iOS ecosystem continues to grow. Cash growth is growing faster than expected (even with the dividend and buyback program). And, according to Tim Cook, there’s “a ton of stuff” coming.

If I could be this disappointed like this all the time, I’d be happy tech user.

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