No More New York Times Here

by Christopher Paul on April 21, 2012

I was browsing the web this morning and stumbled across a headline from the New York Times that caught my eye. I clicked on the link and, for a split second, it seemed as if it could have been an interesting article – one I probably would have shared here.

But then their pop-up ad took over my screen and blocked my view with a notice saying I’ve hit my limit. I read ten articles with ad impressions and after your 10 ad articles, you have to pay to read more (and still be shown ads). This paywall sucks. I have worse words for it but I’m trying to keep it civil.

So from this day forward, I’m not sharing anymore articles from the New York Times – ever. Even if I can get around the paywall using Google News or some other referral method, I’m done. Even if a month passes and I can read 10 articles from now, I’m through. It’s not worth it. I’m not even going to their homepage. Why give them ad impressions on their homepage when its the insides I want?

Shouldn’t I pay you ask?

Well, I do by looking at their ads. So I certainly cover my part of the deal. Besides, it’s not like they stop showing ads if I pay for access. Moreover, the value I place on their content is equal to me watching their ads. Whatever that is in dollar terms for them, it’s equal to the time my eyeballs are pointed to their site. My valuable eyes will go elsewhere.

I’ll revisit my no-linking policy if they change their paywall to include more articles or if it actually provides something valuable (instead of taking something away). But since they recently went from 20 ad supported articles to 10, I doubt they’ll reverse course.

No more page views, no more ad impressions, no more support from me.

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