RIM’s Failed Hail Mary

by Christopher Paul on May 1, 2012

Dustin Curtis on RIM’s presentation of their new OS:

"BlackBerry 10, which was released today at BlackBerry World in Orlando, was RIM’s last chance. It was their Hail Mary pass, to save the company. You’d think they would have spent the time to make sure they got it right, and that they would have focused on radically improving the user interface and experience to bring BlackBerry up to par with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7. It is almost impossible to comprehend, but they didn’t do that.

Instead, they released something uninspired, uninteresting, and unfinished. That no one at RIM had the guts and authority to recognize the seriousness of their situation–the company is literally dying!–and say, “Hey, maybe we should wait until BlackBerry 10 is awesome before we release it,” is an ultimate demonstration of how RIM’s culture will lead to its now inevitable demise. This is what happens when the sales people are in charge."

Actually, this is what happens when no one is in charge.

I say they’re done and they know it, too.

RIM supposedly hired a New York law firm to help it’s new CEO perform a strategic review and JP Morgan as an investment bank. The only time you hire a law firm to review your strategy is when you’re exploring your bankruptcy options and liquidating your assets – not looking into your business operations. The two hires, in combination, makes me think RIM’s shareholders are pushing for an exit.

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