The Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project

by Christopher Paul on May 1, 2012

The Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project will be back in Haiti this November where they’ll continue building safe housing lost in the earthquake of 2010. In some areas, over 90% of the standing structures were destroyed. I know someone who’ll be traveling there to help out and I wanted to use my small soapbox to encourage support for the CWP and all of Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat was in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina hit. Haiti was hit especially hard and suffered tremendous loss. Two years after the earthquake, the people suffer with starvation, disease, and homelessness. I can’t even imagine the horrible conditions the people are going through; pictures don’t do their plight any justice.

Habitat is a worthy cause in and of itself. In addition to friends, my younger brother has helped build housing for those in need. It’s something my wife and I support and hope those who can donate time, money, skills, and/or other resources do just that. Shelter is one of humanity’s most basic needs and I’m glad we could contribute – even in a small way – to something greater than ourselves.

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