How And When To Introduce Your Kids To Star Wars

by Christopher Paul on May 10, 2012

Scott Hanselman has great advice for all parents on when and how to introduce your kids to Star Wars. Although he has the TL;DL version up at the top, you really should read the whole thing because he touches on the logical and emotional questions that are raised by watching them – including aliens, death, force powers use, etc.

I’ve actually been thinking about this for a while, now. My son really loves cars and trains – especially cars. At two, he was able to identify some cars by name (Corvette, for example). He’s in to Cars, the movie. Thomas and Friends, and Bob The Builder because of the different trucks, trains, and cars that he can see.

I thought he might like The Transformers animated cartoon series that I enjoyed when I was a kid. But I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s way too young for them. I was 8 when Transformers came out and that might be a good age to discuss fighting and shooting – even if it’s between cartoon robots that change into cars. I’ve held off from showing him Star Wars for that same reason.

Although, it’s a good story (unless you count the specialized editions where Han doesn’t shoot first and the “first” movie, which sucked). There are topics and visuals that aren’t right for someone my son’s age. And they might not be right for a while, either. As Scott notes, every family or child might have a different reaction.

But if you are thinking of introducing your child to Star Wars, his post is worth reading. And if you don’t… at least watch them in Machete Order.

via Shawn Blanc

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