Speaking of Kickstarter projects, the folks behind the massively funded e-watch project, The Pebble, have surpassed the $10,000,000 mark. They’ve been so successful, they sold out with four days left in their initial funding deadline. The popularity of an e-watch is kind of interesting to me since there have been attempts at this before. But in focusing on business models, TechDirt reminds us something they talk about often and most people dismiss or overlook:

“While some have argued that something like Kickstarter could never fund a Martin Scorcese film, remember Kickstarter is just three years old. If Scorcese set up an interesting project with cool tiers, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it funded to massive levels.”

$10m is a lot of money to some filmmakers. Some popular indie films or documentaries have been produced for less. I’d really like to see what a “name” filmmaker could do with Kickstarter. The backers of Kickstarter (no pun intended), have to be thrilled with the turnout of their investment.

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