Neat little post from the developers of Dark Sky, a unique weather app. I bought Dark Sky on my own after seeing some reviews or sponsored posts on it. I like it. It’s actually one of the most useful weather apps I’ve come across.

They funded their project with Kickstarter and the post goes into some of the lessons learned. What I took away from it:

  1. Starting a Kickstarter project is not just as easy as having an idea and a funding goal. You have to think about the product, for sure, but the final execution and delivery has to be every bit as important. It’s probably the most overlooked aspect of a lot of projects out there.
  2. Apple could stand to learn from this as well. Sure, Apple might not care how developers fund their app development; they probably think the store is enough. But it’s clearly not. The limitations the team behind Dark Sky encountered should be looked at and fixed, if possible. It could open up a whole new way to promote iOS apps and the entire ecosystem.

via Ben Brooks

In fact, I think it was Ben who first told me about Dark Sky and reminded me it was released. So… Thanks!

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