How Texas Executed An Innocent Man

by Christopher Paul on May 15, 2012

Ed Pilkington writing for The Guardian describes how Texas executed an innocent person in the face of obvious evidence that was mishandled, ignored, or dismissed outright. The man who actually was found to commit the crime even bragged about it to his friends and family.

“Hernandez himself frequently told people that he was a knife murderer. He made numerous confessions to having killed Wanda Lopez, the crime for which DeLuna was executed, joking with friends and relatives that his ”tocayo“ had taken the fall. His admissions were so widely broadcast that even Corpus Christi police detectives came to hear about them within weeks of the incident at the Shamrock gas station.”

While I don’t believe in the death penalty, do believe it’s up to the people of the state to decide what the right punishment for a crime should be. But if you’re going to do it, you have to make sure it’s done right. There cannot be any room for error. Mistakes like this cannot be made.

The apparent arrogance, sloppiness, and total disregard for life is sickening.

It’s bullshit.

via Kottke

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