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by Christopher Paul on June 4, 2012

In researching a place to go and grab a drink after work with some friends, I stumbled upon It’s a very simple website that search by beer or location for craft beer. From the search, you can see how far the place is from your search location, whether its a bar or a store, and the number of growlers, casks, bottles, cans, and beers on tap. It also tells you when it was last updated.

Take a favorite place of mine in Stout: NYC. According to, it has over 120 different kinds of beers in bottles and 24 on tap. They list the specific beers available, the website, address (with map), and other information like hours and phone number.

Not all the great places are listed, though. The Ginger Man isn’t there but I know it has a great selection; it’s actually one of my favorite places to go if you don’t mind the crowds. But if you don’t know where to go – or are looking for a specific type of beer – might be the craft beer lover’s go to site.

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