Ben Brooks on Who Yahoo! Should Buy

by Christopher Paul on July 19, 2012

Ben Brooks arguing that Yahoo! should acquire two companies to help turn it around immediately: 500px and Duck Duck Go. Of Duck Duck Go, he says:

“It would pain me to see DuckDuckGo bastardized with ads, but I think there is a smart play here. Yahoo buys DuckDuckGo and starts serving ads on it, and make it the default Yahoo search engine. Yahoo is already an option on most browsers and devices (like iOS) so the potential user base is there. Putting the Yahoo brand behind the DuckDuckGo power, might be a win-win for both.”

Duck Duck Go is one of the internet properties I thought Apple should buy if it wanted to compete with Google and Facebook. At the time, I wasn’t sure if Flickr or 500px would be a better fit for Apple so I never committed to one over the other. From Yahoo!’s perspective, though, buying 500px would kill an immediate competitor or, as Ben puts it, give Flickr more life – Flickr 2.0 if you will. I’m not a 500px user but I wonder if being bought by Yahoo! would damage their brand and allow for another entrant to come in and steal away business.

And I like Ben’s idea of charging $10/year for a premium or ad free Duck Duck Go under former Google’s search lead, Marissa Mayer’s, watch.

It will be interesting to see how Mayer works to turn around Yahoo!. Ben isn’t the only one to think Yahoo!’s new CEO should go on a buying spree in the next few weeks.

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