Photos of Fully Assembled Next Generation iPhone?

by Christopher Paul on July 29, 2012

9to5Mac has a bunch of photos which could be the parts of and a fully assembled version of the next iPhone thought to coming in the next few months. The design looks much like a few leaked parts from earlier rumor posts – including the rumored mini dock connector.

What I never expected (or didn’t notice before from earlier shots) is that the headphone jack appears to be on the bottom left side of the phone. It’s similar to how the iPod Touch is made. I’ve never used an iPod Touch before but I’ve always thought the position of the headphone jack was better than the iPhone. On the iPhone, it causes the cord to get in the way of the screen and it creates a minor nuisance for me as I twist the cable to get it out of sight.

If this is the new iPhone, it looks pretty sharp.


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