Google’s M.A.D. Patent Attack on Apple

by Christopher Paul on August 20, 2012

Ben Brooks commenting on Google suing Apple for patent infringement:

“What if in September Apple takes the stage, announces a new iPhone and iPad — says it is available today — just so long as you aren’t in the U.S., because in the U.S. Google has stopped Apple from being able to sell these devices to you. I can’t see that being a winning scenario for Google at all.”

I’d love to see someone – anyone – say that. Even Samsung in their fight with Apple. As much as I love Apple, I don’t love patent fights – even from them. It’s not a road anyone should want to go down but if you start to walk along that path, it’s easy to slip and find your self on the receiving end of bad publicity.

None of the companies involved will real stand to gain much. In fact, I can’t see this as a win for anyone. Apple and Google spend millions, innovation gets stifled, and users (from both sides) get screwed. It’s M.A.D.

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