Redesign 4.0… I Think

by Christopher Paul on September 3, 2012

Just a quick announcement… I’ve recently updated the site’s look and feel.

I’m calling this So It’s Come To This 4.0 though I don’t really know now many versions I’ve actually had. Way back in 2004, I started with Blogger and a pretty nasty color scheme. All Blogger themes sucked, then, so it was a big jump to WordPress a few years later. Since moving to WP, I’ve probably had three or four themes in use at any given time so I’ve sort of lost track to what version I’m on.

There are a few bugs to be worked out so let me know if there something other than what I already know which is:

  • Categories are missing from the nav menu. This is because the Thesis filters I use for the linked lists aren’t working correctly when searching for non-linked list articles.
  • Site search is disabled while I figure out a better way to integrate DuckDuckGo within the footer of the site. Plus, the default search button on Thesis is ugly and until I can figure out how to change it, it goes.
  • The Contact page is blank. Before, I had links to my Twitter and Facebook feeds but since I’ve done away with them, I need to write something.
  • The colors for the current page in the nag menu are off. I need to revisit the CSS but my browser/cloud cache is making site changes difficult right now.
  • Linked articles and my own posts share the same font styles. Right now, they’re only distinguished by the permalink symbol.
  • The font and basic color scheme are the same for now. I’m going to keep my colors but I really want to find a retina-compatible font that will look sharp on the iPad and new MacBook Pro. Until I can find one, though, Helvetica will have to do. Oh… and for articles I write, I have a new glyph to note my writings vs linked lists. Let me know if the old, infinity symbol, is better or if there is something else that works better.

    In a bit, I’ll explain the thought process behind the redesign and the direction I want to take my little soapbox. But until then, thanks for reading, following, and tweeting with me while I work the kinks out!

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