Amazon Phone Could Be Announced Tomorrow

by Christopher Paul on September 5, 2012

Interesting possible news coming from Amazon as early as tomorrow:

“Multiple sources have confirmed to The Verge that Amazon is working on a smartphone that runs a variant of the Kindle Fire’s Android-based operating system, and we’re now hearing that the device will be shown to the press tomorrow.

The phone itself is said to be currently unfinished, so if Amazon does announce it we wouldn’t expect too many details. But at this point we would expect it to run a forked version of Android 4.0 as the leaked Kindle Fires seem to do, and to include Nokia Maps as the location solution — forking Android means Amazon can’t use Google Maps, and Nokia spoke today of adding a “major” mapping partner at its own Windows Phone event.”

I say this phone will be the most successful Android phone ever. If there is anyone who can compete against Apple, it’s Amazon. They have the hardware, software, and – most importantly – they have the content to deliver a complete package that’s transferable between a computer, tablet, and phone. Using Fire’s OS should allow Amazon to deliver a consistent experience across their devices; they’re paying homage to Apple’s methods without ripping off the product.

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